Dr. Manohar J. Patil

M. Pharm., Ph.D., AMIBM.
Principal & Professor of Pharmacognosy



v  Experience: 20 years

  Academic: 18

  Industrial: 01

  Hospital Pharmacy: 01

v  Contact No. 9423239325

v  Email Address:

v  Approval/ Recognition: 1. Recognised Ph.D. Guide, University of Pune,

         J.N. Tech. University, Hydrabad, Karpagam University,      


                                                     2. Recognised Post-graduate Teacher,  University of Pune.

                                                     3. Approved Principal, University of Pune.

v  Research Interest: Isolation characterization and pharmacological evaluation of Phytoconstituents, Standardization of Polyherbal formulations.

v  Research Grant: Rs. 2.0 Lacks from BCUD, University of Pune.

v  Research Guidance               :           M.Pharm.        - 23
                                                          Ph. D               - 09

v  Publications:

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v  Books/Chapter

  Jadhav R.B., Patil C.R., Surana S. J., Bhatnagar S.P., Patil M.J.  (2008) Rheumatoid Arthritis and Herbal Drugs : Current Status and Future Prospectus ; J.N. Govil, V.K.Shingh,S.K. Mishra (Editor) Recent Progresses in Medicinal Plants  Vol.20, Pharmacology & Therapeutic Values II,  Studium Press LLC, USA. pp. 277-300.

v  Presentation: 44


v  Reviewer/Referee: 1. Journal of Natural Product Radiance (CSIR).

                                 2. Evidence Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

(Oxford Journal).

                                 3. Pharmaceutical Biology (Taylor & Francis Group)   

v  Honours & Awards : Honoured as Adarsh Shikshak Puraskar by

                                      Saswad Municipal Corporation, Saswad, Dist. Pune.

v  Seminar/ Workshop Attended : 20